Unique in its kind, within the hotels of the North of Bogotá.

The Clarion Bogotá Plaza Hotel Water Circuit complements our Spa offer, in the Bogotá Plaza Vista Club Gym, located on the 5th floor. Now, the guests and clients of the Hotel can enjoy the rest, relaxation and health that they provide. water therapies, as well as various facial and body treatments and massages.

Enjoying the aforementioned therapies in a combined session is a new experience offered by Clarion Bogotá Plaza Hotel, always in the process of continuous improvement and innovation, to make guests and clients happier, fulfilling their promise to stay in their hearts, making it a reality its slogan “Our Warmth Stays in You” and staying at the forefront of the Bogotá hotel.

The Water Circuit lasts approximately one hour and forty-five minutes and includes:

  • Relaxation in the Sauna.
  • Detoxification in the Turkish Bath, with eucalyptus aroma.
  • Hot water pressure massage in both Jacuzzi.
  • Rest of body and mind in the Maxwell pool (Maximum Wellness), inside which are two beds to lie down to receive a gentle massage of warm water jets and five chairs where the user can sit or lie down to enjoy combined massages of bubbles and jets.

Activation of the nervous, circulatory and thermal systems, passing through three (3) massage showers, where hot and cold jets alternate:

  • Bithermal Shower: Cold water allows the nervous system to recover and increase tone. Hot water produces a sedative and slightly technical effect on the nervous system. Ideal for overweight people due to constant massage of the affected areas.
  • Mist Shower: Wrapping cold water spray effect, specially designed to contrast and alternate heat treatments. Low-temperature water shrinks blood vessels, reducing possible inflammation and superficial congestion and increasing the temperature of the organs.
  • Scottish Shower: It consists of a jet of hot water at a certain pressure, directed to the patient’s body in different areas. This massage promotes blood and nerve circulation by increasing body heat. It is also very beneficial for the connective tissue (to firm the skin) and the vascular system. This shower is indicated for cases of rheumatism, paralysis and obesity.

Bogotá Plaza Vista Club Gym

Where guests enjoy their free time exercising on treadmills, bicycles and weights in the Machine Room, or relaxing in the Jacuzzi, Sauna and Turkish Bath.

They can also request special services from the Time Spa Esthetic Center, such as massages, hydrations, waxing, exfoliations, and other facial and body treatments that end annoying stress.

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