Clarion Bogotá Plaza Hotel

We are committed with the health of our clients, guests, and employees, complying with health measures imposed by the Colombian government to mitigate and prevent actual circumstances. We present the:

Biosafety Measures and processes for the contingency plan
to mitigate the propagation of Covid-19

We are a 100% Colombian company who works for the well being and satisfaction of their clients, and for this reason we have established a contingency plan in order to mitigate the propagation of Covid-19, through strengthening our sanitation program with strict cleaning and disinfecting measures that will guarantee the asepsis of all our installations and food safety in all preparation and distribution.

We are committed with our team members, providing them with personal protection equipment based on their job description, with dosified cleaning and disinfecting products, and given out as frequently as needed to allow them to perform their duties.
We encourage hand washing and behaviors consistent with the contingency, such as strict work shifts and presence in the social areas with restricted access. We are constantly monitoring our employees’ health; at the same time, the administrative staff continues to work from home.

Our suppliers and allies, also have their contingency plans, and when entering the hotel property, increased filters are in place to verify the status of the raw material, personnel, and other items needed for service.

Below, we Will detail our procedures for each of the hotel areas:
  • Cleaning protocols in the guest rooms have been strengthened daily with products certified for hospital use
  • Only basic decorative items have been left in place
  • Bathroom items have a safety seal placed after each sanitation
  • Disinfection is done on items that are in constant use, such as TV remote, air conditioning remote, light switches, phone, and others. A special packaging guarantees the process. 
  • Antibacterial gel has been included among the amenities in the guest room.
  • We encourage the use of the speaker to avoid direct contact.
  • The housekeeping staff has been provided with special suits, double layer mouth covers, caps, with made from anti fluid material, nitrile gloves for general cleaning, and thick latex gloves for bathroom cleaning.
  • We increased disinfection with quaternary ammonium with a higher active level, followed by sodium hypochlorite and alcohol for a more profound cleaning and disinfection.
  • An additional cleaning is done by aspersion.
  • The reception staff has been provided with mouth covers and nitrile gloves.
  • We have implemented express check in to guarantee the least amount of time needed in the reception area. 
  • We have implemented automatic WIFI connection through a QR code.
  • Handwashing schedules have been established, as well as workstation disinfection, and equipment.
  • We have strengthened payment methods like wallet to avoid direct contact.
  • At the hotel entrances antibacterial gel has been set, as well as important information regarding our cleaning and safety procedures for visitors, guests, and staff.
  • At the La Macuira Restaurant, an incoming guest control has been established to avoid overcrowding.
  • Tables have been rearranged to comply with social distancing standards (single tables with one chair, double tables with two chairs, and large tables with no more than 3 chairs) 
  • Digital menus, check holders, pens, and other restaurant items are sanitized after each use.
  • Placemats and silverware are placed on the table upon the guest’s arrival; the placemats go through a special sanitizing procedure with vaporization after each use; tables and chairs have a new permanent cleaning procedure.


  • Room service is available from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. to avoid the dining rooms
  • Food and beverage taken to the rooms are protected after preparation and correct temperatures are kept through portable ovens. 
  • Silverware is wrapped with a safety seal after it has been sanitized. 
  • Room service items Will be picked up once the guest has dropped them off outside of their guest room to avoid direct contact. 
  • La Macuira Restaurant Will provide table service only, as the buffet service has been suspended to avoid direct contact with food, and to guarantee social distancing in the area.
  • Restaurant and room services staff has been provided with anti-fluid suits, gloves, mouth covers, all based on their duties.

Hand washing schedules have been established for all restaurant staff.


  • Two breakfast options Will be offered daily, and the service Will be a la minute. 
  • Room services is also available for breakfast at no additional cost.  
  • The waitstaff will bring to the table always maintaining the necessary distance

Lunch and Dinner: 

  • The entire menu is available both in the restaurant and through room service. 
  • Kitchen staff has been provided with gloves and mouth covers, and their uniforms are washed daily at high temperatures.
  • Handwashing schedules have been set in place for kitchen personnel and we increased the frequency of washing and disinfecting of all areas where food is manipulated.
  • Increased disinfection with quaternary ammonium (bactericide – viricidal) with a higher action level.
We want to offer memorable experiences acting responsibly, while strengthening all our control processes to ensure service, food preparation, and environmental impact, all in line with our management system requirements, certified by ICONTEC norms:

ISO 9001 Quality System, NTSH 006 5-star Categorization, ISO 14001 Environmental Systems, NTS-TS 002 Colombian Environmental Seal, ISO 14064-3 Carbon footprint.

Our guests, clients and staff are our priority and it is for them that we work together to comply all national government and local recommendations to avoid the spreading of Covid-19.

Together mitigating and preventing

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